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We solve all your taxation and accounting worries
At Lemo Corporate you’ll find a firm that combines many years of specialist experience within tax consultancy, auditing and financial reporting and business consulting.

We use this wealth of expertise to deliver quality solutions to the accounting and business needs of our clients in the UK and overseas. By working closely with companies and entrepreneurs in these markets, we build a partnership that creates results and enables our clients’ businesses to develop.

Book keeping services

Now You can offload all the hassle of managing your financial records without losing access to any of the details by allowing us to take total control of your books and records. This enable you to concentrate on carrying on your business activities.


Now This department will be responsible for setting up your PAYE scheme on your system and administered from your site. On a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, we run your payroll, despatch the payslip to your premises and if authourised, pay the employee using BACS system.


Now Your Company has to pay Corporation Tax on its profit at the end of every trading year. As the Corporation Tax charge have to be paid annually after the end of the trading year, a substantial portion of the company's earnings from the year needs to be ring-fenced for paying the tax bill when it comes.


Now We have experienced consultants who work with various clients in and out of London. We provide consultancy services in the following areas strategic and business planning, recruitment and training and regulatory advice.

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